Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Siamese Cat

When I first saw this crochet pattern for a cat I thought it looked quite like a Siamese cat.  Since I added the facial details without referring back to the original pattern, perhaps my version isn't quite so oriental...
Anyway, I started making this one ages and ages ago.  It was a project to 'use up' some wool I had from Aldi (there is still some left over) and the rest of my toy stuffing.  Having come to the end of the stuffing I realise I am in a bit of 'wool' phase and want to make more toys.  Trying to sit on my hands and not buy another 1kg of stuffing from eBay (a *lot* of stuffing); not sure how much longer I can resist though... ;-)
This one is a bit 'unique'.  I stuffed only his paws, body and head.  The rest of the limbs and tail are unstuffed.  I also added some marrowfat peas to his bum (Mum for some reason finds this hilarious!) to add weight and to make him sit upright (he is big and would flop otherwise).


Kathyk said...

This (and your chicken) is so very cute



Debs M said...

love him - great idea to be able to sit him - good luck resisting the temptation to buy more stuffing! x