Saturday, 26 April 2014

I spy with my little eye...

... something beginning with 'E'.  Yes, Lauren and Debs got it right the other day and I had made a crocheted elephant.  The stuffing arrived this morning and so he looks a lot happier now:
Admiring the view out of my bedroom window!
 Front view
Back view (thought you might like to see his tail ;-))
The pattern is one that someone gave to me from a Womens Weekly magazine.  I used a 3mm hook and DK wool.  He turned out better than I thought.


Lauren Hatwell said...

He's fabulous Louise, and looking MUCH happier now he's got his stuffing. Lx

Kathyk said...

E's just lovely, Louise

Have a great weekend


Debs M said...

Fabby - what are you going to call him? x