Thursday, 29 July 2010

Paper Roses Tutorial

This is a tutorial for Craft Mad and Loving It blog on how to make paper roses. There are several different tutorials around on how to make roses, but I haven’t seen anyone else give one on how to make them this way. (It’s not my original idea though- I saw the technique at a demo in a local craft shop this time last year.) The method is very similar to Karen’s rolled flowers but with an extra step.
paper- patterned, plain, coloured, white, mulberry... anything really which isn’t too thick.
ink pad in a colour which will complement your paper
gem(s) (one per flower)
some strong glue (UHU or equivalent is good)
a quilling tool (optional, but advised for beginners) 1) Draw a circle on the back of a piece of patterned paper and then a spiral inside the circle. Cut out.
2) Turn paper over to the ‘right’ side. Roughly go around the spiral crimping over the outer edge as shown: 3) Add ink with an ink pad around the edge which you are crimpled to add definition to the folds. 4a) Use a quilling tool (or roll between your fingers) to coil up the spiral starting from the outside. If using patterned paper you want the patterned side to be in the middle of the coil.
4b) As the coil gets bigger, remove from the quilling tool and continue between your fingers. At this point it is better if the turns are not as tight. 5) Add a blob of strong glue to the centre of the spiral and stick the coil to it. Then you have a finished rose! I have added extra definition with a Promarker and then some glitter and finally a gem in the centre.Stick to your card or project and add some foliage.

This is the card I have made. It uses the Cuthbert and Kiki freebie from Pollycraft. I will enter it into this weeks Pollycraft Monday challenge, which is the theme ‘Love and Marriage’. For other examples of the roses, I have made them with mulberry paper here for a delicate effect and patterned paper here. Experiment with different sized spirals to get the required ‘3D-ness’ which you want. Have fun!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Brilliant! Thanks Louise. This is a fantastic tutorial and thanks so much for letting us add it to the Craft Mad bloggy too. These are gorgeous. Lauren x

clare said...

brilliant tutorial louise. fab card too. X

Crafting Joanne said...

A gorgeous card Louise and a fab tutorial, those roses are stunning.

Thanks for joining us this week at Pollycraft.


Joanne xx