Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fancy Folds

This weeks Stampfairy challenge is to make a card with fancy folds. I take it this means using a non-standard base card type and so I have made another of these triangle type cards (which I think are really designed for Christmas cards- in the shape of a Christmas tree- but they look good for other cards too). I quite like this base card type (it folds down flat to go in an envelope and stands up with some velcro to hold the flaps together to make the pyramid). I have used a Lenny cupcakes image which I have digitally cut down to make a single Lenny with the balloon.

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These cards are really easy to make. You just need three squares of card. Score each diagonally and then stick them together like this: (back)
Add some velcro dots or tape so that the recipient can stick it together.
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