Sunday, 10 August 2014

On the move bunting

Baby T is nearly one (where has that year gone??) and as ever I wanted to make him something for his birthday.  I don't have as much time now I am working and so crochet/knitting was not possible (plus he probably is sick of my knitted toys ;-)).  I had an idea of making some bunting for his bedroom.  What do you think?
Each of the images is from the Bon Voyage set by DigiStamp Boutique.  Quite simple, but I hope he likes it.
May have to make some Christmas bunting nearer the time...


Clare Lloyd said...

So cute Louise, what a great project.

Lauren Hatwell said...

He will LOVE IT. It's gorgeous. Lx

Debs M said...

Oh what a great idea!!! Love these - they are all so colourful he is bound to love them! x

Katie Berberich said...

How brilliant, just perfect for a 1 year old. Vibrant colours, moving images... what every 1 year old needs to fixate on and giggle no end. I bet he adores it.
BTW, I don't see how anyone could get sick of your knitted/crochet makes Miss! They are fab.
Katie x