Monday, 4 August 2014

Me Time Message Week 4

Week four already!  Where is the summer going to?  Another super project and video from Clare to inspire us all.  This is my take on it:
 I opted for a padded envelope this week.  Had actually started to gesso it before watching Clare's video- a bit of a coincidence :-)  Not having any Intense ink blocks I did things a little differently- gesso, then white paint, followed by lightly marking out my patchwork with a pencil.  Painted the blocks with acrylics and then stamped in black on top.
Another 'make do' was a lack of suitable washi tape.  Instead I used some old quilling paper strips that I have had for ages and ages.  The relief detail was added with black silk paint gutta that I found at the bottom of a box (lol).  The photos are of course meant to represent that it is better to see a glass as half full than half empty and the quotes are (top) : 'Yesterday is not ours to reverse, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose' (not sure now if I find this inspirational or not- a bit of pressure really isn't it to make the most of everyday, whereas in reality there are good and bad ones...) and (bottom): 'We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses'.


Clare Lloyd said...

looks ace, love your improvisation too! glad you survived oxford street today. x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Another fab project Louise. You really have a talent for this. Great idea to use up those quilling strips. I, too, have a stash of them...


Kathyk said...

Super project and well done on your improvisation too ... I DO have inktense blocks but think you made a better job of yours without them than I did with them!


Kathyk said...

Great project. Love your improvisation - reckon you did a better job without the inktense blocks than I did WITH them!


Debs M said...

looks fab - well done on the substitutes -the colours and stamping look great x