Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Me Time Messages #6

Last Thursday was the last Met Time Message inspiration from Clare.  It really has taken me on a crafty/arty journey over the summer.  I can't thank Clare enough for all the time she has put into the videos and photo instructions- I wouldn't have had a clue without.  I think having done 6 quite intense (for me) weeks of art journaling I am starting to come up with my own ideas.  Just got to try and keep it up....
Anyway, onto the final message and again I didn't have all the suggested items.  Still can't find any modelling paste.  Clare suggested trying gesso mixed with talc- sounds sensible.  I also thought of getting some ready mixed polyfiller from Wilko.  However, Wilko is a fair walk away and my local shop didn't have any talc!  I should have waited but wanted to get cracking last Friday night.  In the end it would have been quicker to wait and go to the shops on Saturday- lol!
I mixed cotton wool with gesso to add my texture- took *forever* to dry!  Hence I only finished the project last night.  It is not regular texture, but it does work.  I would only recommend it as a cheap alternative to modelling paste if you have lots of time and use thick card (my envelope was cardboard).
I spritzed/dripped with Fireworks inks and white watery-acrylic, so there is a bit of shine.  The stamping was done directly onto the painted envelope and coloured with acrylics.
 Quote: 'A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.'
Quote: 'No one is perfect... That's why pencils have erasers.'
The photos are of two knitting projects I made earlier in the year.


Kathyk said...

Great project - you are two entire projects ahead of me now! MUST TRY HARDER!

Good luck with tracking down some modelling paste. Try Amazon or eBay


Debs M said...

fabulous mtm! Love the colours and banners and your pics look great! I am so behind but hope to catch up x

Clare Lloyd said...

Ace message Louise. Thank you for joining in. X