Sunday, 29 May 2016

This weeks market

In the past week I managed to crochet a few more things to bring to the Country Market on Friday (two days ago).  One Coin Purse (lined):
 Never made one of these before and sewing in the frame was difficult!
 And some brightly coloured birdhouse bunting.  I rather went to town on this (1.8m long, bows, flowers inbetween the houses) and buttons added.  I did have fun making it though :-)
Having fun making the things is what it is all about I think.  Not sold much yet (11 cards over 2 weeks isn't going to be enough to live on!).  Got some ideas for projects in the next week...  watch this space :-)


Lauren Hatwell said...

Gorgeous makes Louise! Don't worry. Well done on your sales so far. More will come, for sure. As you say, the main thing is that you're enjoying it. Lx

Clare Lloyd said...

Lovely purse, at least u have sold something. Fingers crossed u sell more soon.

Debs M said...

Enjoying making things and be able to sell them is what we all aspire to - well done and great makes! x