Thursday, 19 May 2016

Country Markets

I have finally taken the plunge into trying to sell some of my craft work.  After all I have boxes of cards I have made with no homes to go to (as yet!). I remember going to the Country Market in Bentley Heath as a child- it was then the WI market (changed to Country Market in 2004 apparently).  The set up suites me- no pressure to produce loads each week (there is actually a limit on the max number of things you can bring along) and a chance to 'test the water' to see if I like selling, plus a chance to get to meet other crafters :-)
I have done my two week 'just helping out' trial and tomorrow is my first 'selling' week.  I have been crocheting like crazy the past 2 weeks:
 Phone cosies :-)
 Cotton bags (made two of these before- one for a present and the other for my Mum.  They both went down well.)
 Finally got the motivation to finish this summer shawl (4 ply wool and so hopefully just right for a summer evening when the sun ahs gone in).
 An impressive 160cm across at it's widest!
 A baby blanket (actually made this a while ago but all my friends had baby boys and so this was redundant).
 And of course I will also be bringing along some of my card stock pile:
All a learning curve in packaging, labelling and pricing...
If you are interested it's Fridays 9:30-11:30am Bentley Heath Community Centre.  Lots of food (cakes and savouries) and plants as well as craft.  Maybe it will inspire you to check out (or join) a Country Market near you?
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