Saturday, 28 November 2015

Something a bit different

Mum asked me to do a scrapbook for a special family friend who is 60 in January.  The only problem is that I don't have any photos, so I suggested we make it a joint project- I would do the arty stuff and she could do the photos.  I have been playing around with mixed media lately and decided to decorate the pages like I would prepare an art journal page.  I have done about half of the scrapbook and now it is in Mum's hands to do some of her side of the project!
Since gesso-ing and painting gets a bit messy I have only used one side of the pages and stuck alternate ones together, back to back.  I punched a shape out of the top and made this into a little pocket with another sheet of paper inside (hence all the ribbon loops you can see).
First double page (credit card gesso and acrylic background, stencilling in white, paint splats and stamping):
 More of the same, with a different colour scheme:
 And more again.... (also added spray of fireworks mica ink to each of the pages for shimmer)
 Went for baby wipe application of paint and gesso on this one:
 Actually a double page spread but only shown half:  This is a simple gesso background, spray and stamping:
 I played around on this background and melted oil pastels!  Next stamping with acrylic paint and finally with black Stazon.
 Put my water colours to the test here (gesso primer and then stamped in StazOn before colouring):
 Acrylics applied with a brush in spirals with stencilling, spraying and stamping on top:
 Same again, but this time striped rather than spirals for the first layer:
 Back to the credit card method:
 Tried to accentuate the texture on this by stamping with my wood effect stamp:
 And finally just lots of stamping and a few paints splats on a gesso-ed background:


Kathyk said...

FABBY - love to see it once the pix are added too


Lauren Hatwell said...

Brilliant idea Louise and your journal is amazing. Lx

Clare Lloyd said...

Such a great journal