Thursday, 9 June 2016

Queen's Official 90th Birthday

Tomorrow we are having a special market at Bentley Heath to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday.  I only found out about it last Friday and so have been busy this week making a few things.  Some crocheted 'Royal' bunting:
 and some 'Crown' broaches:
 I also made a couple of cards, but will share them with you here in the coming week- can't have too much excitement today- lol!
Sorry I didn't get round to blogging my makes for last week' s Country Market.  In case you were interested I have gone on a bit of a 'bunting' spree the last few weeks.  This is some purple flower bunting I made:
 And some sunflower and daisy bunting:
 And the third 'make' from last week was a lined wallet, which I was quite proud of:
 Thought the hint of yellow gave it a bit of character, but maybe that is just me.
Anyway, last week I did a little better than the week before and sold 7 cards.  I am yet to sell any of my crocheted makes, but maybe the Royal bunting or Crown broaches will catch someone's eye tomorrow....

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