Thursday, 30 June 2016

Altered Birdhouses

I was inspired by an article in Craft Stamper a few months ago to alter some mini birdhouses.  They are always selling little blanks of these type of things in the Works and I have been tempted before, but the magazine article gave me the push.  Only thing is it took me ages to get round to finishing them.  I did the base layers (polyfiller instead of modelling paste through a stencil for texture and gesso) and then waited about 6 weeks to do the rest!
 For these two houses I tried stamping on tissue paper and adhering to the walls.  Never done that before, but I liked the effect.
 A bit of furniture paint (pinched from mum!), acrylics, inks, Fireworks spray, beads, yarn....  I think they are mixed media??!  LOL
 The birds are crocheted using a 2mm hook (very small and fiddly!)
 For this one I made a little gnome from air drying clay (plus the boots and flowerpot).  Only problem is, he wouldn't fit in the house and so had to be decapitated, inserted and reassembled.

Maybe you might give this a go sometime too?


Clare Lloyd said...

They turned out great!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh dear! Your poor gnome. He looks very happy in his new home anyway. Some great projects. I'm sure they will go down a storm. Lx

Debs M said...

These are fabulous - poor gnome losing his head! x