Saturday, 18 October 2014


I saw this project on the PaperArtsy blog last week and was inspired to give it a go last weekend.  I find using shrink plastic difficult- it is one of those things that I see why other people do, get inspired and then when I try I realise why I rarely use it!  Saturday was another of those days :-(
I did try to make 2 pairs of earrings but the second pair broke: lesson one my stamps were too small, especially the place where I put the hole and ring in on the second pair.
Lesson two : use Staz on to stamp with and not anything else- I stamped with Memento ink first for this pair and it all came off with handling (trying to get the jump ring through the little hole I punched.
Lesson three: Glitter glue doesn't shrink up!  I was trying to add some sparkle like Wanda Hentges but don't have the same media.  Thought I would use glitter glue instead, but it bubbled up and stuck to the worktop (oops) when heated...  (obvious, but I didn't think it through!).
Anyway, as a first attempt these are the pair which survived:
Not perfect, but I think I will wear them in December, none-the-less.  I don't give up on these things though and so I do intend to have another go at making some more earrings at some point (having bought the fixings etc now, I may as well!)


Kathyk said...

You could try adding your glitter glue or sparkle medium AFTER shrinking - to add your required sparkle! Though they look fab as they are Louise


Clare Lloyd said...

They look great.

Debs M said...

They look great - I don't really get on with shrink plastic although Cherry tried to show me on one of the craftathons x

Lucy Edmondson said...

I think they look really perfect!

Lucy x

Wanda Hentges said...

I think your earrings are wonderful!!!! Most mediums don't shrink which means you have to put them on VERY thin so it has room to compress as the plastic shrinks. Also as someone else suggested, you can give the sparkle after. I'm sorry you had trouble but I'm glad you're not giving up. I really do think these look fab!!!!!