Saturday, 25 October 2014

Altered Match boxes

I had such an amazing time yesterday when I met up with Clare.  She suggested a few weeks ago how about trying some altered match boxes as neither of us had done them before.  I did a little Pinterest searching but in the end I think we just went wherever our creativity took us at the moment which included getting out what must be almost every item of Clare's stash, including the sewing machine- sorry Clare!
I went for two small boxes (standard size for a box of matches you buy from the shops) while Clare opted for the larger size.
Box 1: For this I used a match box Clare had and went for the 'flap' type opening rather than 'draw'.
 Was attracted to these clown images and the sentiment ;-)
 Box 2: (probably my favourite out of the two) is a traditional 'match box' with draw made using a template.

If you have never done altered match boxes before I would DEFINITELY recommend them :-)


Clare Lloyd said...

They are fab Louise. I had a great day. Wonder what we could do next

Kathyk said...

Well now you know how well you two get on then the world is your oyster/lobster!!! I WONDER what you will find to do next .... I can recommend IKEA mirrors for less than two quid each. How about the tarmac technique?


Debs M said...

Love them both - glad you had a fabby time! x