Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Faces 15-21

Plodding on again with my 29 faces.  Number 15 is a moo inspired by my visit to the British Museum with my aunt the other week.  Juts drawn in pencil this one.
 Another moo for 16, this time inspired by a visit to the Greenwich Observatory with a friend- slight steampunk style (or at least that was the aim!).  As with the remaining (17-21) this one was coloured first with PMs and then detailed with pencil crayons.
 A manga-style face drawn with the help of Wiki how to ;-)
 Four faces drawn 'on my own'.

What do you think?  Never going to be a real artist, but I think I am learning something?  (or maybe I am deceiving myself- lol!)

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Clare Lloyd said...

Great work and well done for sticking with it!