Saturday, 3 May 2014

Monkey-ing around

When I saw the pattern for this hat in my book I knew that I just had to make it.  Originally it didn't have a potential owner- just a project to do 'cos I wanted to.  However, Mum walked in on me knitting the other day and said she wanted it.  (Mum wasn't wearing her glasses at the time and thought it was a mouse!)  Now it is finished it does look good on Mum (even if she doesn't think so!).  I am assured that it will be worn when they go on holiday to Canada at the end of the year (where it will be cold).
If I make the hat again for a female I would decrease the pattern a little- it is really too big for me and Mum. I should also make another pompom for one of the platted earflaps as it went a bit wrong... how hard can it be to make a pompom?  Too difficult for me obviously!


Debs M said...

what a cutie! loving these hats - ooh do you have any suitable for a baby girl?

Katie Berberich said...

That is remarkable, your talents are never-ending! Pom Pom making as a kid seemed so much easier! I know how you feel. Lucky Mum.
Katie x