Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Baby Elephant

One of the staff in hospital is having a baby shortly. There was this crochet pattern for an elephant in a magazine a friend had.  I decided to give it a go.  Not yet a pro with crochet and some of the shaping to the head and body is not quite right- adds to the appeal apparently (?)  Decided to add a little scarf too, to add some colour.


Lauren Hatwell said...

So cute and you are doing fantastically well for a beginner Louise. I really struggle with things like legs. It's very difficult to keep the stitching straight. I think he's fab and I know the recipient will too.


Debs M said...

aww what a cutie - love his belly! x

Craftyrose said...

Brilliant Louise. Love his cute trunk.xx

Katie Berberich said...

Wow! Check out the cute crochet elephant. It's nice to see you are keeping yourself busy, that's just what you need. That is one lucky newborn.
Katie x