Sunday, 5 January 2014

A long time

Sorry it has been a very long time since I posted here.  I haven't been very well.  However, I have done a fair amount of craft in the last 5 months- just not my usual card making.  Stupidly it has taken me this long to get my parents to bring a mini SD card into hospital to enable me to take photos of my projects.  Many things have been sent home or to their final destinations (presents).  I have a few here though- of the knitted variety.  (Have also done some cross stitch, crochet and zentangle recently.)
First up are a pair of Snowman slippers:

The knitting for these was done ages ago.  It just took until today for me to sew them together.  Disappointingly, the pattern came out really small, so I don't think I can wear them (unless my feet shrink).  Probably wouldn't want to wear them in any case as they would get dirty to easily.  The Sirdar Snowflake wool is lovely, but I bet would stay that way :-(


clare said...

These are cool! Love the snow on the first photo.

Craftyrose said...

She these are so cute Louise!! So clever! Good to see you in blog land and hope that you are feeling better sweetie.xx

Kathyk said...

I have small feet!!!! LOVE this project and, like Clare, love the snow you have falling in the first photo

Thanks for sharing your projects, Louise