Thursday, 1 August 2013

Is it Christmas today??

It feels like Christmas today at any rate!  I went shopping in the Kaisercraft outlet store in Geelong before I left Australia and sent a few things home my sea mail (not just craft things- I couldn't justify the expense just for craft!).  It arrived today!!  The box was really battered up.  I wish I had taken a photo now. Never mind. I was too excited to rip it open and be reunited with my belongings.
These are my Aussie buys:

Normally being a frugal person, I think I have enough stamps and brads there to last me the next 10 years!
These things came on top of a bit of retail therapy that I did yesterday (and spent more than I would normally do) at the Glitterpot:
How was that for service too- next day delivery!  (Had to wait 3 months for the stuff from Geelong- Ying and Yang in terms of delivery speed I guess ;-).)
Anyway, this little lot will keep me happy and busy for a while.  Anyone want to come 'play' this weekend?
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