Monday, 27 August 2012


Clare is running a MOO swap on CMLI at the moment. I signed up and was greatly inspired by the moos that everyone else has made.  I think people are in general turning very 'arty' in their crafting.  As usual I am a million miles behind the trend and am yet to catch up.  For some reason I thought I'd attempt the moos from an arty perspective. They are very small (2.8cmx7cm!).  This is the first lot I made.  I kind of felt afterwards that I had cheated as they were so quick and so made a second batch.
 Needing to de-stress yesterday afternoon I got quite messy (for me at least) with these.  First a coat of white acrylic, then decoupatch, followed by embellishments, glitter and finally sparkly spray varnish.  I know I have a long way yet to go on the arty journey, but it was an enjoyable 'toe in the water'.
I'd recommend making a moo if you are up for a challenge.  They are different and makes you think hardder about what to do.  Good luck and enjoy!
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