Monday, 23 August 2010

Blog award(s)!!!!!

Wow, I have never had a blog award before and then I get 2 in a day!!!!The conditions of the award are to:
1) Say thankyou
2) Post it on your blog
3) Say three things you like about yourself
4) Post a picture you love
5) Tag 5 other people for the award

So, here goes...
1) Thankyou so much to Lauren and Clare for nominating me.
2) Done this!
3) Ummmm... difficult one this. I think it will have to be sense of humour, determination and kindness.
4) I took this picture of Mum and Dad last week and I think it is a good one. (Taken by the river in Tournus, France)
5) Choosing my 5 people is a bit tricky since I think all of the people I would normally nominate have already recieved it or are the ones who sent it to me!
Hence, my 5 are:
(I hope I have done the right thing trying to spread round the blog-happiness)
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