Saturday, 9 September 2017

Monster Batch of Christmas Cards!

I bought a pack of Papermania Christmas papers from the Works in July thinking they were only papers.  When I got them home it was a set of papers, diecuts and decoupage sheets. I don't really 'do' decoupage any more (used to 10 years or more ago).  It was a toss up between giving the pack away, letting it sit unused or making up the cards....
I started making up the cards, thinking they would be good quick simple cards that I could sell at Bentley Heath Country Market nearer December.  But knowing me, a card is never simple and I ended up adding little bits and bobs....

After making 16 cards I thought it was time to have a break (it took a few days to make this lot).  The other die cuts in the pack are still sat in a drawer.  Might make some present tags with them.... (maybe next year if not this year!)

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