Saturday, 30 May 2015

Monkeying around ;-)

I saw this pattern on Pinterest and thought I had to have a go. The red, green, blue stripes were perfect for the ends of wool that I had at the time.
 Of course I ended up buying more wool to complete him. He is GIANT! About 3 foot tall I think!
 Monkey can be mean too!
 One monkey wasn't enough... I had to make a second- one for each of my friends sons. Hence monkey two: blue, yellow and grey.
 Twin brothers.
 Zombie monkey.
I hope Monkey and Monkey Two enjoy their new home when they arrive. I certainly had fun in their company.


Lauren Hatwell said...

The great! They sure to be a real hit. I hope they're not TOO naughty - I would HATE for them to teach your friend's sons bad habits ;oD Lx

Clare Lloyd said...

Hee hee! Loving your monkeys.

Debs M said...

they are fabulous! x