Sunday, 28 July 2013

Little Bobin

Week two of the little things quest on CMLI and it is the only crafting I have managed to do this weekend :-(.  Perhaps tomorrow I will get an hour or so...
This week we had to decorate the largest of the cotton reels Clare sent us.  I hadn't yet added my quote to the paper strip when I took the photo, but I have done so now. Not having all the paints, inks and stamps of the more seasoned members of the group I have 'made do'.  Not entirely happy with the result, but I am still learning with these things.  It was my first expedition into the realm of gesso- I gesso-ed the paper strip after splattering with water colours and I gesso-ed the cotton reel.  The flowers were die-cut from fabric, gesso-ed and then stitched together.  I added a few 'leaves' of friendly plastic which I have had for *years*.  Also decided to use an umbrella charm I had rather than the heart one in the pack.  It looks a bit odd in the photo, but I like it.


clare said...

Your spool looks great Louise. Using fabric for the flowers and friendly plastic was a great idea! Gesso is a great place to start. X

Debs M said...

Hope your not counting me as one of the 'seasoned' members - the only reason I have gesso is that it was donated to me at the last craftathon ;) oh and my first minibook went in the bin!

Love the flower -haven't made my strip or decided what to put on top of my reel yet! x

Kathyk said...

Seasoned? Moi? Hmmmm - faberoony project Louise, looking forward to next weeks now!